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Facehugger Motorcycle Helmet

ALIEN-style homosexual oral rape mask, on the move.
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The original ideas for Alien, by H R Giger and a few others, included the facehugger, which was intended to look as though it was engaged in oral rape.

Which is what it's doing, if it implants its offspring down your throat.

UnaBubba, May 05 2012

Hello Facehugger http://www.facebook...0232&type=1&theater
[not_morrison_rm, May 05 2012]


       um, you could put that a little more elegantly. Strangely, I have just the thing, say hi to Hello Facehugger
not_morrison_rm, May 05 2012

FlyingToaster, May 05 2012

       But what about the women riders? That's not so homosexual.
blissmiss, May 05 2012

       Are we going for form or function here?
Alterother, May 05 2012

       I was thinking more of form, [Alter]. I'm sure there's plenty of function already out there.
UnaBubba, May 05 2012

       >But what about the women riders? That's not so homosexual   

       It might be if it was girl facehugger, I'm not quite sure how that would work...   

       But, I'm sure there's someone on the net who'd pay to watch it...
not_morrison_rm, May 06 2012

       I love the Alien saga as much as the next scifi geek, but I'm not sure this is how I'd want to declare my fandom. Do you see out between the legs? What protects the back of your head? I'll give it a [+] anyway.   

       I have seen an ice hockey goalie's mask custom painted to look like a face hugger, with a bikini-clad, M41-toting Ripley pin-up on the back. Spotted it at a Maine vs. Northwestern game a couple of years ago. I think it was NW's 2nd goalie. Can't find pics.
Alterother, May 06 2012

       Well, get the face-hugger to do the watching...   

       It obviously can sense somehow, otherwise all the entire Alien film series would have been a little different.#   

       Watch in terror as the facehugger fails to differentiate between Ripley and the water-cooler, then attacks a small ornamental shrub and a Ronald McDonald statue, in no particular order.   

       Hmm, so I suggest all future space missions take a stock of Ronald McDonald statues to be on the safe side.   

       They can just be strapped to the outside of the vessel during the trip and so provide extra micro-meteorite and solar flare protection on the way <gets on the phone to NASA>
not_morrison_rm, May 06 2012

       Facehuggers for All !
FlyingToaster, May 06 2012

       // Can't find pics //   

       May you burn in Hell…
8th of 7, May 06 2012

       I'm still looking! You'd think custom-painted hockey helmets would be a top trender, but I just keep coming up with shots of the same dozen, dammit!
Alterother, May 07 2012


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