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Confidence Cover

Bald guy graduated component hat system
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Many bald men wear a hat, most in a normal fashion. However, some wear the cover like a cheap toupee. It comes to define the head more acceptably than the bare alternative. If given time, this compounds in the psyche, then when the scenario arises where the hat needs to come off in certain company... it feels like Darth Vader removing his helmet.

The idea is, to allow the head to be revealed in stages, comfortable to the wearer. Start with a small, yarmulke type center, circumferential flat ring components outside this, to make a skull cap of adjustable depth. The bottom skull cap band could come with numerous visor attachments, earmuffs, French Foreign Legion flap thingees in the back...etc. Take off a hat at your own pace.

hard-scrabble, Jul 08 2012

And if you accidentally take too much off near the end, there's always the Combover_20Toupee
('elf promotion) [FlyingToaster, Jul 13 2012]


MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 08 2012

       Thanks. Making fun of myself.
hard-scrabble, Jul 10 2012

       I have an image of a braided rug style 'rug'. Unwind bit by bit. Admittedly, some turbans are already able to do this.
AusCan531, Jul 10 2012

       Like a receding hairpiece?
hard-scrabble, Jul 11 2012

       [+] from hoodie to summer-ushanka to baseball cap to yarmulka to spray-on hair.
FlyingToaster, Jul 13 2012

       Cool toupee idea. I never had a combover, bet thats a tough client for a new barber. Although, I did have a ridiculous looking Bullet (balding mullet) in the 80's. Kind of the same thing, just combing with gravity.
hard-scrabble, Jul 13 2012

       for incentive the last layer should be a spiral piece of licorice.
FlyingToaster, Jul 14 2012

       Discovering the fundamental particles of hatness- brilliant!
hippo, Jul 14 2012


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