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Fading Whiteboard Markers

A simple solution for "Do Not Erase" rot.
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How many times have you gone into a conference room and found the whiteboards completely full of writing that you know is a month old -- any yet there's a big "Do Not Erase" on it?

My first thought was requiring people to append "...until 3/4/05", but that'll never happen.

My second thought was a small digitial timer affixed to the board, but enforcement is similarly a problem.

Finally, it hit me: fading whiteboard markers! They'd come in a variety of durations depending on your corporate policy: 1-day, 2-day, 1-week, etc.

drzeus, Apr 20 2005

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       Actually, if markers in general faded on exposure to the air or light, this would also sold the problem of people writing on the board with non-whiteboard markers.
nineteenthly, Apr 20 2005

       I usually erase only the "Do Not Erase" and let someone else take the blame. These days, you could also easily take a cell phone picture of the board. But I still like the idea!
Your_Name_Here, Sep 26 2009

       //I usually erase only the "Do Not Erase"// Isn't it safer to erase everything except that?
pocmloc, Sep 26 2009

       writing "do not erase" on a white board is the mark of idiocy, nothing written under that quality of logic can be worth preserving.
WcW, Sep 26 2009


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