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Fake Blood Bomb

A new phase in psychological warfare
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My idea calls for bombs and grenades to be loaded up with fake blood (or chicken blood). Bomb goes off in the midst of enemies, they see more blood than they were expecting and think their comrades (and perhaps even themselves) are more wounded than they really are. They'll think allies which are simply unconscious are dead. They'll see a shallow flesh wound from a piece of shrapnel and, seeing a disproportionate (sp?) ammount of blood, think they're surely bleeding to death from a severed artery or something. This should have them fleeing and surrendering (and at least in some cases getting sick) all over the battlefield.
21 Quest, Oct 15 2006


       My experience of war is strictly limited to documentaries and TV programs. However, I'm not thinking this will fool anyone, even in the heat of battle.
DrCurry, Oct 15 2006


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