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Exploding pencil

A bomb disguised as a pencil.
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Pull off the eraser, pull out the fuse, light it, and run away. There would be gun poweder stored inside the pencil around the area where the lead is stored, and the fuse burned down to the end, it would act like a bomb and explode, sending hundreds of flaming pencil fragments, graphite (the "lead"), and melted eraser all over the area. Why would this be needed? Use for personal protection, or If you have a large amount of unwanted documents you need to destroy and had no paper shredder, let the exploding pencil get rid of it! "But, wouldn't this light your desk on fire too?" Not if you got the special flameproof Destruction Dome that comes with every exploding pencil used to contain the explosion.
paperclip987, Nov 09 2004

One of several references on Goooooogle http://groups.yahoo...ayAward/message/201
(There was apparently one in a Bond film.) [angel, Nov 09 2004]

Documnets DocumNets
[normzone, Aug 12 2007]

Spelling-sensitive version Exploding_20pen
[phundug, Aug 13 2007]


       The way to make this really slick is to have the pencil full of a gunpowder/clay mix instead of graphite. Then you could light your words and destroy the document. In a pinch you could light the whole pencil. Be careful when vigorously erasing.
bungston, Nov 09 2004

po, Nov 09 2004

       [po], if it were indeed pointless, it may be dangerous to sharpen it.......
normzone, Nov 09 2004

       I need to try and find a way to use 'documnets.'
RayfordSteele, Nov 10 2004

       [After the sixth time a case folder slid down the crack between the desk and the wall, Thomas had Documnets installed.]
normzone, Nov 10 2004

       <begin sarcastic remark> No shit, graphite and lead are the same thing? Thanks for clarifying!<end sarcastic remark>
Machiavelli, Nov 10 2004

       Flaming graphite? The heat source is gunpowder?
bristolz, Nov 10 2004

       Mach. are you sure about that or being doubly sarcastic?
po, Nov 10 2004

       Why is mispelling documENts such a major problem here?
paperclip987, Nov 18 2004

       Cos we're a bunch of anal retentives :-)
wagster, Nov 18 2004

       You can expect a lone-bun from AfroAssault any time now......
sophocles, Nov 18 2004

       would stop people chewing on their pencils
benfrost, Nov 18 2004

       Or is that a bunch of anal retnetives, [wagster]?
PeterSilly, Nov 19 2004

       Why not make it like agrenade and just pull off the eraser to set off the timer. It would take some time tos pulll it off, take out the fuse, light it, then have the timer go off. And who carrys something to start a fire around nowadays? Tons stopped smoking.
Tangora, Dec 19 2005

       Baked, and much more fun than we thought it would be.   

       (Hint: It's easier to get the lead out of cheap pencils)   

8th of 7, Mar 01 2011


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