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explosive everything

Spray Can of destruction
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Here is simple lay down of all things chemically explosive. You need chemically reaction that produce both heat and form gas rapidly. The reaction must have high initialization energy to be safe so it doesn't go off where you don't want it to.

With this in mind, for some of you who are like to blow up stuff, this should be a fun toy.

Two spray cans, one contain gas forming chemical like carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen or any chemical compound you can find that mix well that carrier agent in a pressurized can. The second can contain oxidation chemical that will react with the chemical in the first can produce heat and gas. Since I am not teaching people how to make bomb here, I won't mention the chemical names.

Both cans are colored so you can see where you sprayed. First you put the detonator on to the surface you want to spray. Then spray the gas forming can first, oxidation can second. After the carrier agent evaporated, two chemicals come in contact. Step back and see the fire work. It won't be that powerful, but you will get the BANG for your money.

bing, Apr 19 2002

Two component explosive http://www.fixor.com/
[IvanIdea, Apr 19 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       q.b.is one who are like to blow up stuff.
po, Apr 19 2002

       I just take along my farty brother and a lighter.
FarmerJohn, Apr 19 2002

       Thanks, miss blissmiss. Guess you miss the missing s's, sis.
bing, Apr 19 2002

       darn...I thought that AfroAssault had finally posted another idea....oh, AA, where are you?
runforrestrun, Apr 19 2002

       The whole point I post this is that if anyone wants to post "Exploding (fill the blank here)" or something similar later, it will be just another application of my idea since you can spray the stuff on surface of anything you can think of. (Maybe not water). That is my kind of mad scientist marketing humor.
bing, Apr 19 2002

       That's a problem, bing. Your plan won't fly. You see, our illustrious colleague AfroAssault has already cornered the market on exploding ideas, long before you ever halfbaked.
waugsqueke, Apr 19 2002

       Didn't someone once post an "explosive everything" idea as a mockery of me once? Maybe I dreamed the whole thing up...
AfroAssault, Apr 22 2002

       No, I seem to remember something like that, too.
bristolz, Apr 22 2002

       Moi aussi.
waugsqueke, Apr 22 2002

       moi aussie is UnaBubba, non?
po, Apr 22 2002

       C'est ne pas une bubba.
waugsqueke, Apr 22 2002

       Sacrebleu! Ma creme anglaise fait exploser.
Aristotle, Apr 22 2002

       Hein, Aristotle peut parler le Français mieux que nous.   

       Ce n'est pas important.   

       I like the idea, though. Actually a rather cool one. Great for the special forces to breach doors - if you can make it more powerful, then simply spray some on the doorframe and run.   

       Even better - put some foaming agents in it and get greater explosive potential (if you use something like hydrogen as the pressurizing agent, you might be able to get hydrogen bubbles in a solid chunk of explosive foam - now that's an explosive!)
Macwarrior, Feb 07 2003

       meilleur que nous? ou est-ce que c'est mieux que nous?   

       je ne sais pas.   

       ou peut-être mon idée est meilleur que l'original.
Macwarrior, Feb 08 2003

       Verry funny explosive anything, Good thing you did not say what can X and can Y contain....
emconsulting, Dec 29 2003

       //Good thing you did not say what can X and can Y contain//   

       Psst - potassium perchlorate and glucose in one, H2SO4 in the other.
Macwarrior, Feb 15 2004

       Oh la la, une formule explosif!
Aristotle, Feb 15 2004


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