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Fake Execution

Make-believe that executions are taking place, where as they are not.
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With the shortage of execution cocktails in the US, proceeding with capital punishments is becoming more and more difficult. To solve this supply problem, government can "fake" the executions. No one will ever know the executions did not take place, except classified officials. Also, after the show, the convicts will be disfigured by any creative ways you can think of (e.g. listening Bieber 24/7).

This will allow more executions to be conducted, less guily, and the convicted murderers to believe they are going to be executed in few months, not decades, like the placebo effect. To make it believable the government will still have to conduct executions, but at a lesser rate. Maybe you can give the convicts anesthesia and make them wake up on the "judgement day" in front of "God". Maybe they will confess to their crime or give other information in order to go through the "heaven" gate. After they are done, they are locked in solitary confinement for life. Economical? No. Interesting? Maybe.

xkuntay, Jun 16 2014

Malice Charity Malice_20charity
To extract funds and rip off people interesting in subsidizing evil. [bungston, Jun 17 2014]


       You got this whole 'fake' thingy going lately. I dig it.   

       Well, there's that whole thing about mock executions being considered a form of torture and thus banned by international convention that might represent a minor impediment to the widespread adoption of this idea.   

       I'm waiting to see how [xenzag] will weigh in on this idea: for (unlikely), against (even more unlikely), or execution is just a state-sponsored form of barbaric retribution that has no place in a civilized society and we're worse than the love child of North Korea and Iran (almost certainly).
ytk, Jun 16 2014

       I don't understand why we picked such a roundabout way of killing people. Out of all the different methods, why an obscure drug cocktail that only works most of the time?
DIYMatt, Jun 16 2014

       //why an obscure drug cocktail that only works most of the time?//   

       Because supporters of execution are morally degenerate bloodthirsty assholes who want revenge but can't come out and say it.
Voice, Jun 16 2014

       [Voice], don't hold back, tell us how you REALLY feel...   

       Interesting? No. Economical? No.
normzone, Jun 16 2014

       //To make it believable the government will still have to conduct executions, but at a lesser rate.// Maybe they'll stop executing the mentally disabled; the under-aged, and those unable to afford expensive lawyers. Any idea that makes or tries to make executions more acceptable in any form receives a bone from me. Executing people is the work of psychos and diseased societies.
xenzag, Jun 16 2014

       No shortage of executioners, then.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 16 2014

       Executions should be made illegal, but could still take place, but the executioner would be executed, setting off a chain of executions until the final executioner is executed by his own hand, finally achieving the goal set out in law.   

       Alternatively, the whole legal system could be overhauled, and instead of being found guilty or not, a person is deemed a good person or a bad person. If found good they are encouraged to continue living their good lives, if found bad they are encouraged through immense social pressure to take their own lives, or for lesser badness to isolate themselves.
rcarty, Jun 16 2014

       i gave you a bun because i think this would go down really well if broadcast over facebook.   

       call them fakesecutions by facebook.
teslaberry, Jun 16 2014

       Oh gee. Yes I am barbaric. It seems like same enlightened flock that supports euthanasia is supporting the removal of d-penalty. So, have the good people commit suicide and bad people like Breivik enjoy their accomplishments in 5- star prisons? I get it. Listen, son. Civilization is psychotic, always been. I am sure you have not eaten any meat in the last, err, five days. You know, those red things they put in food that used to make up an animal that used to see, hear, feel, and breathe. Yeah, love bird you are. Not even going into the murder of babies. Don't make me bring my tea bagger buddies. Touche, libbie.
xkuntay, Jun 17 2014

       What about the fake fake executions? Bound to happen.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 17 2014

       ...which brings us to about the mid 1400's BC or so.   


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