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This Sucks

Vacuum packed capital punishment
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A device somewhat like the seal a meal in a larger version. This device vacuum packs capital murderers in a humane way. Without air the criminal quickly passes out never to be revived. A helicopter hooks on and drops the container in the nearest active volcano so body parts can be recycled ever thousand years or so by Mother nature. This way a mass murderer can be of more benefit in the afterlife than while they were alive. Neat and Tidy.
rcain, Nov 21 2002


       Lessee... 14.7 psi over the the offender's entire body. Yeah, I think he'd get much, much smaller, and a bit wrinkly. I wonder, what iron setting could we use to flatten those out?
RayfordSteele, Nov 21 2002

       //This Sucks// this blows eventually.
skinflaps, Nov 21 2002

       Got the name right...
snarfyguy, Nov 21 2002

       anybody else get a mental image of Han Solo quick frozen? (fishbone btw)
rbl, Nov 21 2002

       And little Halfbakery helicopters flew from afar within the interweb, and dumped container after container of fish bones onto this volcanic island they call Thissucks with its capital city called punishment.   

       Mother Nature embraced these offerings of fishbones for thousends of years,being neat and tidy as She went as to not stir the souls.   

       Until one day She turned over all these lost souls of fishbones of this world in the form of fish fertilizer.   

       And this way a new dawn had been evolved, the mass fishbones were made to be of more benefit in the afterlife, than when they were gliding through the Oceans free.   

       Mother Nature,now handing back this Osteichthyes fertilizer,recycled,cleansed and pure.   

       "Will these helicopters return "? ask the people of Thissucks.   

       Probably ...with their vacuum packed containers of fishbones.
skinflaps, Nov 21 2002

       I assume the plastic burns cleanly and that it's printed with a warning that it's not a children's plaything and could cause suffocation.
FarmerJohn, Nov 22 2002

       <slightly off topic> Why gas chambers ? The prisoner is placed in the chamber and HCN is released (usually by dropping pellets of NaCN into a container containing sulphuric acid, I understand).   

       Cyanide poisoning isn't very nice. Why not just pump in nitrogen and make the atmosphere oxygen deficient ? There's no pain or discomfort - you just pass out, hence the immense danger of oxygen deficient atmospheres. As long as you are expiring CO2, you feel no distress.   

       </slightly off topic>
8th of 7, Nov 22 2002

       I say, utilize the greatest fear out there as a deterrant--the fear of the unknown. Don't tell the convict how they're going to die at all. Just have it all hidden behind a big, ominous wall, with some horrid noises playing from a tape player on the other side.   

       In fact, make it loud enough for the guys in minimum security to hear as well. Scare 'em straight.
RayfordSteele, Nov 22 2002

       // some horrid noises playing from a tape player //   

       "Death By Spice Girls" ??   

       Re: Nitrogen; I believe one Dr Kevorkian (?) favours the use of Potassium Chloride injections as a rapid and painless way of stopping the metabolism. One wonders if a simple facemask hooked up to a cylinder of N2 wouldnt do just as good a job. Crack the valve, and slowly wind in the regulator until the end credits roll.
8th of 7, Nov 22 2002


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