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Fake Halloween Portals

Freak out your neighbors, it's halloween.
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This is an idea for a service that creates strange optical illusions in front of your house. They are "halloween decorations" for all purpose.

The idea is based on the link below. People often see strange dimensional illusions such as the ones below and they think its a portal to another dimension.

So, the idea is to have people take pictures of your house and yard from different vantage points and construct a very convincing optical illusion. It would be a large image pasted onto a big piece of wood or something, but to most observer's perspectives it would be a multidimensional gateway.

However, these gateways would be quite a bit more scary than the ones in the link, and may include ominous dark swirls and amorphous spirits and such.

daseva, Oct 31 2006

Dimensional Doorways http://photos1.ghostweb.com/neti24.html
[daseva, Oct 31 2006]


       Not finding that link very helpful - it just looks dark - and does anyone know what a multidimensional doorway actually looks like? But yeah, sounds cool.
DrCurry, Oct 31 2006


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