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Flavored Air

"Let's go to Jim's house tonight, it tastes so good"
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Okay so this day-in-age people scent the air in their homes. I think it'd be interesting if there was a way to pump a scentless but flavored oxygen into a home. Who wouldn't want to come home to the taste of chocolate in their mouths simply from normal respiration?

The catch is that the air would be scentless but full of flavor. The flavored air dispenser would work with the ventillation system already inplace in most homes and would allow for the dispersion of tasty oxygen to the house's occupants.

Flavored air would contain Zero Calories- so no one would get fat off of breathing. It could also be utilized outside of the home to add atomosphere to an environment. For example, a movie theatre could use a popcorn flavor to add to a movie-goer's experience.

'Flavair' - Now available in 136 different flavors.

AndYouDontStop, Dec 10 2008

Wikipedia: Flavor, Flavour http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flavor
[jutta, Dec 10 2008]

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       Can you have taste without scent?
phoenix, Dec 10 2008

       Much of what we think of as flavor is actually scent, including what one would associate with "chocolate" and "popcorn". Your demand of "scentless but full of flavor" is self-contradictory - and if we fix that, we end up with home scents that imitate the smells of food; those are well-known to exist and quite popular.
jutta, Dec 10 2008

       not an idea. sensations transmitted by the atmosphere are, by definition, smells.
WcW, Dec 10 2008

       //so this day-in-age people scent the air in their homes// I take issue with that - what's happened is that a number of companies have decided that the next big thing we need sold to us is air-scent. Along-side the x-bladed razor, tongue-scrubbers, breath-freshening mints - anything in fact that requires the purchase of some moulded plastic dispenser/holder/applicator that can be sold for £1, but which costs less than a penny to produce - it's all toss, toss that relies on advertising for its viability.
zen_tom, Dec 10 2008


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