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fMRI Love You

You've Been On My Mind, Babydoll
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The fMRI Love you is an arrangement of eight MRI images (inferior, anterior, posterior and superior) of both your's and your partner's brains, superimposing the combined activity elicited during a battery of fMRIs as you experience the sensation of your partner through all five senses.

E.G.: You lay in the fMRI and the activity is recorded as you:

1. Hear your lover speak to you (anything can be said, but more private and meaningful sentiments will cause more cortical activity)

2. Smell an article of clothing of your lover

3. See an image of your lover

4. Feel your lover touching you

5. Imagine the taste of your lover (whether it be her lips, her neck, or what have you)

Now all of this activity is superimposed onto the images of your brain, detailing the entire cortical areas excited by the experience of love that you and your partner share.

These images are arranged vertically, with one complete set on the right, and the other partner's complete set on the left.

Available for adventurous couples: The arrangement is bordered by EEG print-out during coitus.

MikeD, Mar 04 2012


       "oh baby, you invoke excitation of my amygdala."
smendler, Mar 04 2012

       "Look at the activity on my posterior cingulate cortex in the third picture; see, I knew I love you more, baby."
daseva, Mar 05 2012

       She just might, [smendler]. She just might, light my amygdala up, bilaterally like a fucking Christmas tree, along with the insular cortex, the caudate nucleus and ventral tegmental area.   


       Amantes sunt amentes.
MikeD, Mar 05 2012

       I could see this as a Big Bang Theory episode.
RayfordSteele, Mar 05 2012

       My wife and I are one of those annoying couples (annoying to others, that is) who finish each other's thoughts and sentences. We independently arrive at the same conclusions so often that it has long ago ceased to amaze us. If one of us can't think of the right word, the other will fill in the blank so quickly as to maintain the natural flow of conversation. We can cheat at cards without signalling one another. Yet we are two distinctly different individuals, with contrasting yet complimentary personalities.   

       I'd be very interested to see the results of an experiment like this. I've often wondered if our brain activity patterns would show synchronisity or polar opposition.
Alterother, Mar 05 2012


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