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Fake Mirror

Suggestions for a better title/summary/category requested.
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This is an idea for people who have two rooms of similar size next to each other, don't really need one, and can afford to spend huge amounts of money on ridiculous half-baked ideas.

First, make a large, rectangular hole between the two rooms. It helps if the wall is very thin. Now put a pane of glass into the gap, exactly between the two rooms.

Pick which room you want to use. Put in cheap (recommended) furniture, and buy two of everything. It helps if you do not try to be artistic and modern, with everything in random places. Now do exactly the same for the other room, but as though the wall is a mirror. For example, if the piano (not advisable) is exactly in the corner to the far corner next to the adjoining wall, put the other piano in the far corner next to the adjoining wall in the other room.

Link up the lights, so that if one light goes on, so does the other. Preferably have an on/off button, rather than a switch.

Hide the other door from the outside, leaving it looking normal from the inside (if you really want, put the door on a motor so that when one door opens, the other does too).

Bring your idendical twin along, and have him practice to copy your movements exactly.

Now for the fun part: Take a friend into your room. As they comment on the lovely new mirror you have, they will slowly percieve something wrong. Suddenly, it will dawn on them that they have no reflection. They will panic. Mwahahahaha!

If you want, you can also...

...get other people to come into the other room, and pretend to be souls trapped inside the mirror.

...have a conversation with your twin.

...put the lights in the other room on a remote dimmer, so that you can turn the lights of there and make the glass act like a normal mirror.

Sorry for the length of this, but I wanted to include everything.

dbmag9, Jan 09 2006


       I know what bris would say--zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. This has been baked many times in the movies. By the three stooges, in particular.
ldischler, Jan 09 2006

       ...and in the film "Terminator 2" - in order to have Linda Hamilton looking in a mirror and not have the camera in the shot too, they used a pane of glass with her identical twin behind it. (I think she also played the part of the terminaator when it morphed into the shape of Linda Hamilton and they were required to be in the same shot).
hippo, Jan 09 2006

       But this is a home version. 'Film Noir' has been baked in many films as well, but that didn't stop the 'Film Noir Home' from being one of the most popular ideas in the whole 'bakery. And, in fairness, I didn't know about either of the two above examples.
dbmag9, Jan 09 2006

       so only 2/80th of the population can bake this?   

       come to think of it, this could be funny if your counterpart actually looked nothing like you!
po, Jan 09 2006

MikeOxbig, Jan 17 2006

       Why have an entire second room? For simple effect, a slight depression could provide an illusion as to a deeper room, so that at first glance, it is a mirror with no human reflection. Nice, though. I want one. It reminds me of... <addams family theme>...
roleohibachi, Jan 17 2006

       Didn't think of that, thanks. I went a bit over-precise with my original idea. Glad to have made you laugh, MikeOxbig.
dbmag9, Jan 18 2006

       After buying 2 of everything, setting aside a room, renting a double you should also jump up on acting lessons- just incase you cant stop cracking up and blow the whole prank b4 its put in action, Cause thatD sucK with a capitol K. (A+ for the details!)
SpeedkillZ, Jan 19 2006


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