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First Class Travel room

Imitate travel and relax with it
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This room would have four parts as follows:

Section the first, or the First Class Cabin:

This tiny room would consist of an aisle and a (optionally two) huge, comfortable airline seat(s), as in first class. It would have all the amenities thereof including:

--A very high definition "window", slightly blurred so one can't see the pixels

--A steward/stewardess outfit for one's significant other(or hired helper) to help along the effect with an occasional visit and snack.

--An apparatus to make appropriate noises and vibrate the whole "cabin". (Also something to tilt it back on "takeoff" shouldn't cost too much extra)

--LED lights, an overhead compartment, and a muted "beep"

--A television/computer interface for entertainment.

--And an air conditioner to pipe very cold air at a very slow rate from the "window" completes the illusion.

Section the Second, or the Aircraft Toilet

--Only there to help along one's travel, this would simply be a toilet along the lines of a high quality airline cabin, and can be found just down the aisle. It includes a window and a powerful vacuum in the toilet, as well as desirable amenities and an extension of the vibration mechanism.

Section the Third, or the Hotel.

(Reached through a short passage strongly resembling the inside of a limousine.)

--Optionally including such motion, noise, and smells as one would expect to find on a cruise, this room would have all the furniture and grandeur of a high class hotel room or ship's cabin.

Section the Fourth, the hotel's restroom.

At the cost of a single vacation plus a service to clean and outfit the room on demand, this section of a house would allow all the best experience of a vacation in grand style on a monthly basis.

EDIT: spelling

Voice, Nov 26 2011

virtual windows https://www.youtube...watch?v=nSOG99qClU8
Skip to 3:22 to see virtual windows [Voice, Nov 02 2020]

As a business... https://awol.junkee...ights-airline/87636
instead of at home. [neutrinos_shadow, Nov 02 2020]


       // an extension of the vibration mechanism //   

       We suspect that assembled halfbakers would breathe a discreet sigh of relief if you were good enough to either qualify or slightly rephrase that description.
8th of 7, Nov 27 2011

       I would like to outfit (somebody else's) house like this... [+]
Grogster, Nov 27 2011

       Having to go through baggage claim, customs and passport control every time you wanted to go outside would be a bit of a drag though.
hippo, Nov 28 2011


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