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Entire Floor Condo

Convert apartment buildings into single floor mega sized condos
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Maybe this is more of a WIBNI idea and perhaps this has already been baked but I see a number of abandoned tower-type apartment buildings and office buildings that would make great mega-sized condos if each floor was converted into an entire unit. In many average sized towers, this would be 8000 to 9000 sq. feet of living space. Essentially you would have the space of a mini-mansion with all of the amenities of a condo. The parking outside could be re-divided into separate outdoor sections dedicated to each owner who has a floor in the building. This area would be where the owner can park the car, have outdoor activities, or even plant a garden. If there are typically 12 to 15 units per floor (depending on the size of the building), every owner could could have the equivalent of 20 parking spaces. That would be bigger than the back yards of many single famly homes.
Jscotty, Oct 18 2006

Arcology http://www.arcology.com/
[normzone, Oct 20 2006]


       I didn't even think of that- I was really expecting this type of unit to be very expensive. If you figure the price of an average 600 sq ft condo and multiply that all of the units that were originally on the floor you will come out to over 3 million. But then again, I didn't factor in the fact that it was abandoned.
Jscotty, Oct 18 2006

       You have to wonder WHY it was abandoned. Too much asbestoes maybe? Anyway, I have been in full floor apartments in New York before
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 18 2006

       Interesting, I am still trying to convince my wifeperson to let me build a single floor, open layout house. Call Trump, your idea could work, esp if the building had Quest's idea for fast food delivery incorporated. Dedicate one or two floors to restaraunts that ONLY deliver.
Chefboyrbored, Oct 18 2006

       Years ago I remember visiting an apartment complex that consisted of two towers joined by a main lobby with a convenient store in the basement. I imagine that as we become more of an indoor society, resturants and shopping will be common in larger apartment buildings.
Jscotty, Oct 20 2006


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