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Fake Tan Pen

When you just want a little.
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BUNGCO is proud to introduce the Fake Tan Pen. Designed for those who wish to have only a farmer tan on the hands and face, the fake tan pen has become popular with the body art set. In a manner akin to henna tattooing, the body artiste can use the various calibers (and shades) of fake tan pen to draw intricate designs over their entire body. The fake tan lines can be adjusted as to intensity and like a regular fake tan will fade in a few weeks. With your Fake Tan Pen kit comes an assortment of culturally sensitive stencils to help in your initial forays into body art.

Awe the folks at the beach! Buy a full set of Fake Tan Pens Now!

bungston, Jul 07 2004


       I find jumping into creosote with a speedo on works fine with less trouble
dpsyplc, Jul 07 2004

       Tarred and feathered, [dpsyplc] ? I got some creosote-laden gunk on me once.....no fun whatsoever.   

       What kind of SPF rating does a fake tan pen have ?
normzone, Jul 07 2004

       I take issue with the *fake*. It's a real tan, just not a suntan.
ldischler, Jul 07 2004


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