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Cosmetic tooth coloring

Cosmetics to decorate teeth
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Cosmetics should be developed (not my problem how) that color teeth. I imagine fluorescent reds, blues, greens, etc. would be popular because they would not be confused with dirty or rotton teeth. Another scenario would be coordinated teeth and nail colors. Or contrasting teeth and lip colors.

Gloss and matt finishes should be possible.

The coloring would be non-toxic and easily removable.

Variations such as mood-colors and pictures are obvious but I think unnecessary.

This idea has been mentioned as an incidental benefit or flaw of some other HB items. Also I discovered some ancient Mexicans (1325-1521 A.D.) had colored teeth. I think the idea's worth considering in its own right.

0ominous, May 03 2002

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       Weren't black teeth fashionable in Europe at some point, or did I dream that?
bristolz, May 03 2002

       Baked. Ever had a blue raspberry sucker?
Graciem, May 03 2002

       Graciem: blue raspberry sucker side effects are excluded by my "dirty or rotton teeth" clause.
0ominous, May 03 2002

       IIIRC, in Japan a few centuries ago it was fashionable for married women to dye their teeth black.
gisho, Aug 06 2003

       A new fad: Indian Corn teeth.
bristolz, Aug 07 2003


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