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Fake World War

Make a virtual copy of today's international firepower and have them clash.
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And one more addition to the 'fake' series:

It seems like there is a longing for a new world war among people of the world. I take it surfing online can entertain people only so much, tv is already boring, and good, creative movies are far and in between. So..

It is time to make the virtual identical of all armies in the world. I mean ALL armies. I don't mean a simple simulation like in latest video games, I mean a simulation where every single soldier is privately controlled. That is to say, a global counter-strike-like game where every soldier controls his or her own avatar.

I actually want something bigger, like every single machine is simulated such that if it wears out and breaks down the virtual mechanics will fix it.

Or even, there will be politicians and generals, and commanders, and public opinion and all these will affect "The War". Of course, this will require Google to provide access to all its computational power, as everyone else in the whole world.

Ok, in short I am looking for the Matrix.

But a little simpler version of Matrix, maybe some details like spilling water etc. need not be simulated in order to save computational power and make it feasible.

The purpose of all this? To determine what would happen if a war broke out between Russia and the West, for instance. Or Iran and Israel. Or this and that. India and Pakistan, etc. This way, people do not need to feed the war mongering troll medias for them to keep putting such subliminal messages in people's minds. Yes, I mean CNN, and the others, perhaps all.

Many people get all excited when a war breaks out so they can watch something during their lunch breaks. Well, I say, have these realistic "fake war" simulations done and broadcast on air as if a real war were going on. With today's CGI, it is easy to realistically simulate blowing up body parts, nuclear explosions, etc.. Save the real lives. Satisfy your ego. Peace.

xkuntay, Jul 22 2014

A Taste of Armageddon http://en.wikipedia...Taste_of_Armageddon
Much neater than actual war ... [8th of 7, Jul 22 2014]


       Last time this was tried, the Greeks invaded after an argument about rules.   

       The Universe may be uncomputable.
sninctown, Jul 22 2014

8th of 7, Jul 22 2014

       I say to this: bah. Copies of armies. There are already armies! The problem here is lack of vision. Lack of scope of vision!   

       What is needed is multiple copies of each army. Now that is a world war where you could mix it up! America 1 + Britain 2 vs America 2 + Canada 1 + Mexico 1,2 and 4. You could throw in some old armies for hoots. For example 1960s Soviets. Team them up with Modern Israel 1 and 2 and then lets see who gets to rule the world - and how they go about it!   

       Apropos this and thinking about musket technology - it seems like trained longbowmen would be a good match vs Napoleonic muskets, esp if the longbowmen could get some cannons.   

       Really this caffeinated flight of ideas converges on one of those Command and Conquer type games, but with armies drawn from different points of history.
bungston, Jul 22 2014

       I should add all armies would be commanded by the other:[general].
bungston, Jul 22 2014

       baked. Milton Bradley board games
pashute, Jul 22 2014

       Probably baked by the defense department's wargames group...
RayfordSteele, Jul 22 2014


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