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Google Historical Street View

How did it look back then?
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A version of Google street view in which you could type in a year (say 1905) and see how a given street looked back then.

This is motivated by me wondering "How did this street look back in XXXX?" It could be implemented by software that looked up building records to see when each building was built, and using automated computer graphics to erase any newer buildings and replace them with CG versions of what was plausibly there instead. Trees, grass, etc. It would also erase any newer autos/cars and replace with era-appropriate ones. Same for pavement/tarmac and lampposts, etc.
sqeaketh the wheel, Oct 29 2012

somewhat baked? Google_20Street_20V...20Wayback_20Machine
[hippo, Oct 29 2012]

Prior art... 100_20Years_20Ago_20App
[RayfordSteele, Oct 29 2012]


       On a system like this, Milton Keynes wouldn't exist.   

       What's not to like ? [+]
8th of 7, Oct 29 2012

       + It could be somewhat accurate back until a certain point in time. Prior to documentation it would be purely fiction or artistic interpretation. Nice idea, though.
xandram, Oct 29 2012

       Bravo. +
doctorremulac3, Oct 29 2012

       What about the horses?
8th of 7, Oct 29 2012

       Alas, poor Civic! I knew him, horse ratio.
spidermother, Oct 30 2012

       //superimpose stovepipe hats and beards on all men, women, children and household pets.//
What if I want 1965? Surfer shirts and blond hair for all?
sqeaketh the wheel, Oct 30 2012

       Echo xandram, however, if it were confined to the metropolitain areas, or based on period maps (only selectable in years for which maps existed) then one could take most of the guesswork out of it. For the larger cities, it could be fairly accurate quite a ways back.
ShawnBob, Nov 01 2012

       I love this idea. I'm always intrigued by photos of familiar places taken a century ago, or wondering what certain places looked like before they were developed. A big communal effort augmented reality historical recreation project would be very cool.
Alterother, Nov 01 2012


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