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city that never sleeps

make your travail arrangements now!
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For every 5 workers, there are 19 nonworkers. For every asleep person there are 2 awake persons. All workers are awake. Not all nonworkers are asleep. All sleepers are attached to beds. Awake nonworkers are attracted to toys. Children are attracted to their parents or guardians, as well as to books appropriate to their reading level. Certain workers are either attached or attracted to certain tools. For example, keyboardists are attached to keyboards and dishwashers are attracted to dishwashers. Loud tools such as keyboards and dishwashers repel sleepers. Likewise for loud toys. Alarum clocks repel each other if they are set to different times and are neutral with respect to each other if they are set to the same time.
LoriZ, Jul 13 2001

Dishwashers without dishwashers http://www.halfbake...ntenance_20cabinets
Where's a luddite when you need one? [LoriZ, Dec 11 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       This could be a fun cellular atomota model to build!
futurebird, Jul 13 2001

       No more counting sheep to get to sleep.
coco, Aug 15 2001

       Travail indeed.   

       Are "workers" and "nonworkers" defined as "people working at this moment" or "people who hold a job"?   

       You're suggesting a 24-hour city that self-organizes?
egnor, Nov 14 2001

       Bwah ha ha! I'm booting up Cocoa right now!
sd4fan, Dec 09 2002


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