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Fake dirty water dog bath

A dog shampoo that looks and smell like a puddle.
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Our dog hates baths in clean, warm water with special doggie shampoo but will leap enthusiatically into any cold muddy puddle he comes across.

So have an efficient low-foam dog cleansing product that looked and smelled (to the dog) pretty much like mud but still smelled OK to humans.

Fill a sink, bath or paddling pool with cold water. Tip in "MudBath". Stir. Open door and let eager dog bath itself ......

Non sequitur - where does baby oil come from ? Where do they get the babies ?

8th of 7, Jun 13 2002


       sequitur - You don't know where babies come from?
beauxeault, Jun 13 2002

       Make a rinseless version of this and kids'll use it.
reensure, Jun 13 2002


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