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Henry 8th With iPhones

off with her hen....... head, I meant head.... a pox on this text
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I just watched the film Mary Queen of Scots. It was beautifully lit and filmed, with superb attention to detail re interiors and costumes, but historically laughable re accuracy. Since when did Elizabeth 1st acquire a black ambassador and an oriental handmaid?

This rediculous pandering to PC trends diminished the credibility of the entire film, so if you're going to do it, to create 'modern' equivalents, why not keep going and include even more facets of 21st Century life?

I am therefore proposing the series: Henry 8th With iPhones.

This would be the exact same story of the serial beheader, in full historical dress and setting, but for one significant detail: all characters would have and use iPhones throughout the duration of the drama.

There would be no need to explain their presence or origin. They would simply be used to fit within the known facts of what was said and done. Characters would stare into them dumbly as they do now, and on street scenes, the same idiotic behaviour would be displayed in the peasantry who would also have them. No attempt would be made to airbrush out the presence of electric pylons either in any rural scenes.

In one version, Henry would also be of Chinese extraction, but with a blond hair comb-over and the phones made by Huawei. (where the series would experience big consequential sales)

xenzag, Mar 31 2019

Thomas Randolph https://en.m.wikipe...ndolph_(ambassador)
Elizabeth 1st Ambassador - soon to have an iPhone [xenzag, Mar 31 2019]


       //Since when did Elizabeth 1st acquire a black ambassador and an oriental handmaid?//   

       I don't know whether she did or didn't, but there's certainly no reason to believe she didn't. Black and asian people were less common in Elizabethan England than now, but by no means unusual.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 31 2019

       There are painted portraits of her ambassador to Scotland and he was definetly not black.
xenzag, Mar 31 2019

       Well, perhaps they didn't have any black paint.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 31 2019

       Would be interesting. People of the future might watch it without realizing anything was amiss.
notexactly, Mar 31 2019


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