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False arm & vaccines

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Simply strap the false arm, get injected at the docs.

Exit doc's, pour the vaccine into a chilled container, sell the vaccine, repeat.

not_morrison_rm, Feb 04 2021

The Third Man https://www.imdb.co...59/?ref_=ttpl_pl_tt
A film* about stealing vaccines & re-selling them.

* An absolute classic of a film. [DrBob, Feb 05 2021]

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       Uh, that's dishonest and might keep the vaccine from someone who desperately needs it, possibly resulting in serious illness and dea... oh. [+]
whatrock, Feb 04 2021

       If you're going to these lengths you may as well sell little vials of water with "vaccine" labels on.   

       Or do homeopathic vaccines.   

       Or something
pocmloc, Feb 04 2021

       Also the doctor might notice that you have three arms
pocmloc, Feb 04 2021

       It's not that simple. Recall that in the plot of the videogame "Deus Ex" (2000), the Gray Death plague could only be halted by using Ambrosia vaccine, and part of the conflict was over the limited supply of vaccine. If we're getting all conspiratorial enough to use fake arms, then it's not much of a leap to assume that covid-21 (or a subsequent strain) will be much more deadly, such that most of the unvaccinated might have problems regardless of their officially recorded vaccination status.
sninctown, Feb 04 2021

       // If you're going to these lengths you may as well sell little vials of water with "vaccine" labels on. //   

       How exactly do you know that that's not what they're doing ? Even if only one in three is water, that's one "real" dose you can sell elsewhere, and if you put a bit of something slightly irritant in there to give the recipient a sore arm for 36 hours they'll assume it was the real deal anyway. And what are the chances of getting caught, with all those desperate, needy, badly-informed idiots clamoring for it ?   

       Don't worry, the Umbrella Corporation's Raccoon City facility is working 24/7 to maintain supplies ...   

       Or was it Omni Products ? No, it was Tyrell Corp., lovely people, particularly the Chief Executive's "personal assistant" ...   

       // If we're getting all conspiratorial enough to use fake arms, //   

       No need, the NRA members all have stocks of real arms to hand out, and the barrels and locks to go with them.
8th of 7, Feb 04 2021

       I dunno. Why not...bravo, bravo. +
blissmiss, Feb 05 2021

       I'm all in on the convincing strap-on fake arm, but I'm sure there are much better things to use it for than this.
tatterdemalion, Feb 05 2021

       If nothing else, it'll help improve your ski-boxing...
8th of 7, Feb 05 2021

       I notice that the title is "False arm and vaccines" and not "False arm, and vaccines" so they're just injecting your fake arm with saline solution.
hippo, Feb 05 2021

       I suggest additional labels on bottles of bleach that display the words "As recommended on TV by Donald Trump as a 100% cure for Covid"
xenzag, Feb 05 2021

       //the doctor might notice that you have three arms//

film: The Third Arm
Tagline: "The doctor will see you now Mr Lime."
DrBob, Feb 05 2021

       Whoa, DrBob returns from the storage closet and drops a goody. I didn't know there was a movie about black-market vaccines. Crazy as crap, I tell you.   

       People still surprise me in their desperate need to sell something to others, no matter who dies or suffers. Crazy all day.
blissmiss, Feb 05 2021

       // a movie about black-market vaccines. //   

       Actually, black-market penicillin; but the principle - or rather the lack of prinicples - is the same ...   

       As per [DrBob]'s link .. "Lime's racket was stealing penicillin from military hospitals, diluting it, and selling it on the black market, injuring or killing many."
8th of 7, Feb 05 2021


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