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Fantasy IMDb.com

Website where users recast real movies to create a better (or different) imaginary movie
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It looks like the Internet Movie Database, but the cast and crew list of each movie is rewritten to contain actors and crew members who did not actually work on that movie. Normal temporal restrictions do not apply, so even if an actor would have been dead, not alive, or not the right age to appear in a movie, you can still pretend.

It would contain fake user reviews (submitted by real users*), so you can comment on what a great movie the Matrix, staring Dustin Hoffman and directed by Stanley Kubrick, was. (But perhaps Cher’s performance as the Oracle was a bit lacking.)

*Not necessarily the same user who made up the cast list.

AO, Nov 12 2003


       Years ago, Widget, a regular at Coming Attractions movie preview site, used to run a Dreamcast page where he did exactly this. He left about 3 years ago, and CA itself folded last year.   

       He also cast yet-to-be-made films. I remember an ongoing debate about who should play Valentine Michael Smith if a film is ever made of "Stranger in a Strange Land" (which I hope isn't). There was unanimous agreement that Sean Connery was the perfect Jubal Harshaw, though.
waugsqueke, Nov 12 2003


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