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Frankenstein 451

Pile up body parts and make firemen out of them
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A movie set in a dystopic future* where a brilliant but insane surgeon, Victor "Fools ! I'll crush you all ! " Frankenstein, horrified by having to deal in his hospital's emergency room with the consequences of a disastrous conflagration in which many firefighters are severely and tragically injured or killed , decides to help spare the lives of future emergency service workers by creating replacement firemen from the usable body parts of corpses.

Although initially highly successful, resulting in public acclaim for the good Doctor and numerous humanitarian awards, it inevitably All Goes Horribly Wrong when, due to a simple error in the "accelerated learning" used to condition the reanimated bodies for their work, the whole lot of them (except the very first one, one if the heroes of the movie, who dies in a tragic, noble and self sacrificing way right at the end, like the Terminator in Terminator II) become obsessed with burning down bookshops and libraries.

In a classic slash-and-spatter action hero finale, involving lots of fire, explosions, crashing vehicles, collapsing buildings etc. the "Frankenfiremen" are destroyed in some suitably spectacular and appropriately ironic way, like them being crushed flat by having shipping containers full of Kindles dropped on them from a great height.

* Actually, is there any other sort ?

8th of 7, Sep 10 2014


       Like the name....
xenzag, Sep 10 2014

       Cheese before bed again?
normzone, Sep 10 2014

       Pretty sure you arrived at this idea by throwing two darts at a list of movies.
Voice, Sep 10 2014

       // I need to eat more brains to get the total recall. //   


       // I'm guessing ... a 16 year old single malt. //   

       <pushes bottle behind cushions on sofa, tries to look nonchalant>   

       <waits a bit>   

       <pulls out bottle, fills glass, corks bottle & returns it to sofa>   

       <surreptitiously sips from glass while maintaining nonchalant air>
8th of 7, Sep 10 2014

       The movie you're thinking of was Backdraft.
RayfordSteele, Sep 10 2014

       No, definitely 'Backdraft', with a wonderful cameo performance by Donald Sutherland, and a great "father figure" role for de Niro.   

       <no IMDB involved, honestly .... oooh, flames ... >
8th of 7, Sep 10 2014

       Have you another glass? I could wash one, if need be...
normzone, Sep 10 2014

       <extricates bottle, fills glass, slides across table to [norm]>   

       <recorks bottle, ruefully notes small amount remaining, hides behind cushions in case [MB] appears>
8th of 7, Sep 10 2014

       It was the bottle we hid; hiding behind cushions is no good, only the sofa offers an effective defence ....
8th of 7, Sep 10 2014

       That is tasty...I'm going to have to start a batch of wash for the still. Now that football season has started and I've an excuse to watch the stream for several hours, I may as well be running the stove.
normzone, Sep 10 2014

       451 distractions aside, it is a challenge to think of a spin on the "reanimate dead bodies" scifi that has not been done. hmm...
bungston, Sep 16 2014


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