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Film time travel movies on location in the past

Did that work as an eye-catching title?
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We are getting into the times when the settings of some time travel films/movies or TV programmes are overlapping with the present. For example, given one interpretation of the UNIT dating controversy, some of the Pertwee Doctor Who stories are now set in the present or even in the past, and i'm thinking also of Dominick Hide. These are much more successful at recreating the "past" bits than the "future" bits because they were, very imaginatively, actually filmed in the past. So, if you put "Ashes To Ashes" next to "Dominick Hide", the "past" scenes in the latter are much more convincing than the former because they were made "on location" in that area of history.

My suggestion is therefore that films and TV programmes depicting people travelling from our present into the time period when they were made be edited to include the "future" as it actually is, but leaving the past clips which were then present as they were. Clearly the truth about the future present would have to be accommodated, but i think this could be done by clever writing.

To be honest, i've only really thought about Dominick Hide in this respect, but i think that would work particularly well if the future period could be messed about with to make it the present rather than the twenty-second century. It seems to be saying stuff about the future being over-regulated and formal which is spot on. However, i also think this could be done with other works.

Alternatively, films could just be made over a period of several centuries.
nineteenthly, Sep 09 2009

For example http://en.wikipedia...de_of_Dominick_Hide
Could always be remade again next century [nineteenthly, Sep 09 2009]

Very similar Re-shoot_20old_20mo...ith_20aged_20actors
Good idea. Obviously. [theleopard, Sep 09 2009]


       "Just a moment... just a moment. Dave, we have received some news from Mission Control."   

       "What is it, HAL?"   

       "There has been a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. Both towers have collapsed."   

       "This is terrible, HAL. Do you have any more information?"   

       "That is all I have at the moment. There will be a further update from Dr. Floyd at 1400 hours."   

       "Well, HAL, I guess we'll have to wait for the update."   

       "Dave... I'm afraid."
tatterdemalion, Sep 09 2009

       Oh that's brilliant, [tatterdemalion].

It is somewhat similar, [theleopard], and brings up the issue of who can be used to play, say, the Doctor and the Brigadier without making them older. It'd be easier with 'A Space Odyssey' because the spacesuits allow them to be disguised. However, there's no backwards time travel in that film. Then again, Keir Dullea isn't dead yet.

It does of course also work with flashbacks and flashforwards, but i was thinking it would be more incorporated into current events and popular culture. In that respect, Kubrick's film hits the problem of having to be set aboard the ISS.
nineteenthly, Sep 09 2009

       There was an episode of Deep Space 9 where the actors were grafted into old footage from the original Star Trek "Trouble with the Tribbles". Likewise old John Wayne footage has been grafted into current scenarious.   

       andd aPerhaps when filming a show with the intent to update time travel scenes, the current actors could record scenes in front of a blue screen with the intent of more easily using this footage for updates in the future.
bungston, Sep 09 2009

       Oh yes, i forgot about that. I even video'd it. However, the plot didn't exist beforehand.

Your reference to blue screen makes me shudder because i was stupid enough to think the film version of "A Sound Of Thunder" wouldn't be the worst film ever made. There's blue screen in that.

Judging by how things have performed in the past, the problem might be more in portraying attitudes. For instance, there are a couple of helpless screaming female assistants in early Doctor Who which would be difficult to do today without being dodgy. It's probably just as well there was no time travel in 'The Black And White Minstrel Show'. Anyway, we don't know how attitudes will change in the future either, so what tabus are we breaking now?
nineteenthly, Sep 09 2009

       Also see 'Zelig' and 'Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid'.
DrBob, Sep 10 2009

danman, Sep 10 2009

       Thanks [danman]. [UB], i'm going to have to think about that one. It can always be reremade.
nineteenthly, Sep 10 2009


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