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Zombie prevention
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Maybe it's 5G technology that brings on the Zompocalypse, or a super-massive solar flare, or it could be a localized EMP during a lightning storm causing cadavers to exhume themselves, you don't know.
You just can't know...
...but you 'can' prepare for such a possibility, for a fee.

FryCo proudly announces Faraday Coffins in an astounding array of colours and styles for the discerning EMF sensitive tinfoil hat wearing persons getting their affairs in order.
Who can rest in piece with all of that background electromagnetic ruckus? I ask you.

Not you though! No. Not you.
Because 'you', dear consumer, have the foresight to remain in peaceful decaying slumber while others waiting to reincarnate continue to wander the Earth and suffer.

The Faraday Coffin.


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       WTF? I searched!
What search terms did you use [a1]?

       What is this witchcraft!   

       Wait... I only searched the hb database because it was too weird to exist in real life.
Strange that it's never been mentioned here.

       The conspiracies do not revolve around me after all...
Whew. What a relief.

       You have no idea.   

       That's what she said...   

       Rest in piece? Which piece?
RayfordSteele, Dec 27 2021

       Somebody caught that?   

       there is hope   

       sarcophabun for cool words you make up!
xandram, Dec 27 2021


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