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Identification Door Bell

Palm your hand to ring the door bell
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Instead of pushing a little button outside to ring the door, why not have the visitor palm a small metal square. The visitor would place his or her palm on the square and line his or her thumb in a marked spot. The 'bell' would interperate the palm and look into a database of hands (from previous visits) and come up with the visitor's name. It would then show the visitor's name on the inside of the door before someone would open the door. If the handprint was new, the computer would show: stranger. This device could be used by semi-important political figures or other slightly famous people who do not need body guards but may want to be on the lookout.
sumidog123, Aug 14 2002


       have visions of people gettings hands cut off, a la bad action movie plot. build a heat sensor in, just to make sure it is a live hand.
rbl, Aug 14 2002

       Sounds pretty reasonable except that the palm scanner seems like overkill. I'd think that a fingerprint scanner on a more normal sized button could do the job.
half, Aug 14 2002

       Um.. a window?
waugsqueke, Aug 15 2002

       i could have fun with that...if you ever find me on your doorstep accompanied by a recurring ringing noise...
dingbats247, Aug 24 2002

       I don't like it...but don't worry because i wouldn't be buying one..i am neither a semi-important political figure nor slightly famous person...my peephole works just fine
gniterobot, Aug 25 2002

       I agree with [half], a palm scanner it too big. Police can tell the difference between people with just a finger print. Besides a finger print scanner looks more like a normal doorbell and the motion to press this scanner is the same as pressing a normal doorbell. This smaller scanner also prevents rednecks from not visiting (unless that's your goal...)   

       Henry walks up to the door to see a big plate on the wall with a palm print drawn on it. "Oooh," he says, "shiny... now where's that danged door beller...?"   

       The finger print will also work better if your visitor is small; you do want Girl Scout cookies don't you?
tustin, Sep 15 2003


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