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Fast Food Commodities Exchange

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I picture a Board of Trade similar to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where instead of trading contracts on futures like cattle, grain, and petroleum, the traders would exchange contracts on hamburgers, french fries, and taco shells. A Fast food afficiando could enter into a selling contract for the price of a quarter-pounder with the vendor, and the contract could be bought or sold by traders who used their information to gamble on the price, and perhaps make a profit. Third party commodities brokers would connect the buyer with the seller and make a certain percentage from the deal.

Of course this might lead to a 'McEnron,' so rigorous fast food accounting standards would have to be developed to ensure that no one was eating the profits.

All the stress of the stock market, with a greasy burger to boot! What could be more fun to watch?

RayfordSteele, Mar 30 2002

Inspired by... http://www.halfbake...fast-food_20pricing
Real Time Fast Food Pricing [RayfordSteele, Mar 30 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Yeah, and "burger futures" has a nice ring to it.
bristolz, Mar 30 2002

       i like my idea better... :)
utexaspunk, Mar 30 2002


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