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Relationship Contract

Renewable contract for relationships. Relationship didn't work out? Dont renew the contract!
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Avoid the hassle of a relationship falling apart. Simply draw up the relationship terms and conditions before the relationship begins, agree a contract renewal date and should the relationship not be up to scratch then all one has to do is not renew the contract. The contract could be used to define relationship parameters and accepted level of service. For example :

"Both parties of the relationship will spend at least ten minutes per day kissing"

"Neither party will demand the other give up/reduce his/her favourite hobby"

"Items bought by party x belong to party x at all times"

After the contract period runs out, both parties have to renew the contract in order for the relationship to continue. Otherwise both parties go their own ways.

ccaamgw, Jul 07 2000

A Systems Engineering Approach to Dating and Relationships http://www.geocitie.../1285/syspaper.html
(From the author who brought you "Sprogopolis: Baby-Powered City of the Future") [jutta, Jul 07 2000]


       Two words: "efficient breach."
bookworm, Jul 07 2000

       I take it that you are single then...
HKUSP9, Jul 17 2000


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