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Prove it to use it

Qualifications for Covidiots
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Before getting on public transport, entering a bar, supermarket, hospital, as well as having to wear a face mask people
People should have to fill-out a questionnaire that proves they understand the risks and know what they're doing to travel/use public services.
Multiple choice Questions like "What does Asymptomatic mean?". "When symptoms do show, which of the following AREN'T known symptoms of Covid-19? (Tick all which apply)" etc
Dub, Aug 01 2020


       Trouble is, this could be extended to almost any activity, such as voting, buying alcohol, buying illegal drugs, getting paid, withdrawing cash from a hole-in-the-wall, getting married, having sex, talking to a stranger, drinking coffee, getting out of bed in the morning. The whole of Human society would be gradually come to be dominated by concentrated form-filling. People would spend their lives filling in forms. Industrial capacity would be turned over to paper recycling, printing of forms, and manufacture of pencils. Soon, there would be a hierarchy of forms. Before you could get out of bed in the morning, you would need to fill in form K77853b "test of awareness of trip hazards in a semi-somnolent state". but, before you could fill in form K77853b you would need to first fill in form K77853a "test of knowledge of form-filling protocols whilst lying down". And before that, there would be a requirement to have taken the spoken test (via phone app) T336h4 "test of knowledge of safety issues to do with pencil use".
pocmloc, Aug 02 2020

       practically nothing is not a symptom. (still can't remember where my xfile mask is)
po, Aug 02 2020


       That would be fine if you have good defaults. Instead of having to prove a new statement for every activity, you could prove quantified versions ("for all forms of type X, fill Y"). All you have to do is carefully fill in the "test of responsible use of form-filling scripts".   

       Also, you missed the most important usecase in your fine list of activities: having an opinion.
haskell, Aug 02 2020

       Would the ones that fail the test be culled ?   

       That would progressively reduce the problem, cheaply and efficiently.
8th of 7, Aug 02 2020

       They do that here for a lot of different areas of life. Schools, sports, breathing...
blissmiss, Aug 02 2020

       Every club should provide a test at every table: 'Do you have what it takes to screw?' The winners are announced as soon as they finish, and the orgy is then cordoned off from regular club-goers.
4and20, Aug 02 2020

       person, man, woman, camel, camera, horse... I failed.
po, Aug 03 2020

       <Ernst Stavro Blofeld>   

       "This organization does not tolerate failure."   

       <Ernst Stavro Blofeld/>
8th of 7, Aug 03 2020


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