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audio impedence detector (smart cell-phone ring)

Phone determines if it's in a pocket or otherwise muffled and rings louder if so
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Many cell phones have ringers which sound quite loud in open air and yet can be nearly inaudible when placed in a pocket. This is a consequence of poor impedence matching between the phone's ringer and the material in the pocket. While there would be obvious limits to the phone's ability to detect such a condition, it should be possible for the phone to analyze the audio return on the ringer, speaker, and microphone and use that to set the ringer volume appropriately.

I know that phones already have options to have the ringer escalate in volume, but if the phone doesn't get audibly loud until the third ring there may not be time to answer it.

supercat, Dec 28 2001


       do you think there will come a day when there is a police amnesty on these things, you hand them in at your local cop shop - no action taken, no questions asked. I only switch mine on in an emergency. half the time I forget the pin number.
po, Dec 28 2001

       <OT> I'm with [gizmo mum]. If I want to be found, you'll know where I am. If I have my cell phone with me, it's in case I have an emergency. If it's on, it's because I'm expecting a phone call. Maybe three people have the number. </OT>   

       Nevertheless, it's a good idea for those who can't live with out their cell phones.
phoenix, Dec 28 2001


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