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Fastview (succint video)

browser based video player that cuts to the action
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You know those videos where they talk real fast, give you the ideas quickly, no long waits till something happens?

Enter fastView and all video become cryptic like this.

It cuts out silence or long scenes where nothing happens.

It searches for "paragraphs" both in the audio and in the video, then chooses sections to show where something is actually happening (change of slide? change of scene?) and play it quickly without the pitch-change effect (without Mickey- Mouse in audio and without Charley-Chaplin in video).

This is standard Digital Signal Processing, done in Skype when the connection begins to break (it plays what it has slower, and then faster when the connection is back up, and you never notice).

You control the whole thing if its moving too fast or if you want to stay put on a slide / scene with SLOW-DOWN and GO- FAST buttons.

pashute, Nov 05 2015

Pecha Kucha http://www.pechakuc...ns/because-chickens
(because chickens) [pashute, Nov 05 2015]

Unreel http://unreel.co
video player that jumps to important points in scenes (and lets u setup your own channels) [theircompetitor, Nov 05 2015]

Vi Hart https://www.youtube...watch?v=5iUh_CSjaSw
[pashute, Nov 05 2015]

Baked (I think), and then went out of business: Shorten.tv https://wayback.arc...p://www.shorten.tv/
It's gone and the archived copy is non-functional, so I can't tell if they actually accomplished this. [notexactly, Nov 09 2015]


       what?!! Here I am looking for the name of Vi Hart's style in video presentations, and your telling me there's already something like this?!   

       Can it be used with online vids like youtube etc?   

       (+ I adored your door... thanks)
pashute, Nov 05 2015

       OK, so unreel is a professional website that pre-cut the scenes, while this idea is an app for everyone watching any movie or video.
pashute, Nov 05 2015

       Little irritates me more than a full 6 minutes of sad music while I wait for the movie to get on with it. Especially inter- spaced with two lines of dialog so I can't fast-forward through the whole thing. Yeah, I get it. I'm supposed to feel X. If the plot and characters didn't do it waiting for the scene to be over with is just going to bore me.
Voice, Nov 05 2015

       I wanted to show my kids what the lost islands was about. They lost patience after 10 minutes of introductory music and "scene preparation". Same with "Thuderbirds", "Sir Francis Drake" and "The six million dollar man".   

       - When does something start happening?
pashute, Nov 08 2015


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