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Get To The Point Youtube Button

Just show me the damn exploding car, don't talk for 15 minutes about how you had to apply for a permit, buy the right chemicals, get an OK from the police etc.
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Youtube is great once you sit through the interminable bla bla bla of somebody explaning the thing you clicked on to see.

The "GET TO THE POINT" button would be the most hit button in history (really) and views could be categorized by "FULL VIEWS: 76" and "GET TO THE POINT VIEWS: 1,234,436,276"

Nobody wants to hear your life story pal, just show us the dancing robot.

doctorremulac3, Sep 30 2019

https://www.wired.c...hed-youtube-videos/ [hippo, Oct 01 2019]

Me on YouTube https://www.youtube...niHrCiFYkJ6h21XK4Vg
As requested by [Ian Tindale]. Tested in incognito, so it's not a URL accessible only to me when logged in [notexactly, Oct 02 2019]


       A thousand [+]'s, I'd have settled for a "don't forget to like, share and subscribe" filter that removes the begging parts of videos, but this is a more comprehensive alternative.
zen_tom, Sep 30 2019

       I think there are already browser extensions that will skip the beginning of the video based on Wadsworth's constant. If you search for that term, it might help you find them.
notexactly, Sep 30 2019

Voice, Sep 30 2019

       I checked out your channel, the backwards elevator is pretty cool. Definately catches your attention.   

       There were a couple of Ian Tindales, I think that was yours.
doctorremulac3, Sep 30 2019

       Well, I just subscribed to both of your channels that I saw, so if you ever feel like making another video, there's a small chance I'll look at my YouTube frontpage at the right time and see it. I didn't see a bell button.   

       Is the backwards elevator in the commute video?
notexactly, Oct 01 2019

       Which I think speaks volumes - your content is crisp, well produced and content-replete, meanwhile more widely, there's a host of cynically produced videos that're clearly there only to chase search-terms.   

       I did read somewhere that if you can produce content such that it starts a low-level income stream, this will compound over the years and end up paying quite well (if measured per hour it took to produce) over the lifetime of the content. However, with Google often fiddling around with the algorithm, and essentially being the arbiter of both what gets watched, and also who gets paid, the game does appear to be more than a little rigged.
zen_tom, Oct 01 2019

       Ah, I hadn't found the Nured one. Subscribed to that too, just in case.   

       Your experience makes me glad I've never gotten around to trying to be a YouTube content creator. My channel ID (only one so far) is UCvV5niHrCiFYkJ6h21XK4Vg; most of what I have on there is playlists of other people's videos, and I'm not even good at maintaining those.
notexactly, Oct 01 2019

       See link for a nice way to see the huge 'long tail' of never-watched YouTube videos
hippo, Oct 01 2019

       That link... it's beautiful and moving but I don't know why. Humans just being humans without fanfare or "likes".   

       I don't know why I found that so so touching. Maybe because I noted that everybody in the videos seemed perfectly happy and it was an unintentional "F.U." to approval culture.   

       Or maybe the drugs are just kicking in a bit early.
doctorremulac3, Oct 01 2019


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