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Daily Birth Video Site

A break from porn, ebaums, and pirated HBO series.
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This is an odd one, so I'll preface it. I was watching the movie Romance the other day when all of a sudden before I had time to look away, they showed a real birth. Explicitly. The movie was a piece of shit, but it did let me see a birth for the first time. I don't know how I had gone so long without seeing one. It wasn't pretty, but I'm glad I saw it. I hear births are fairly common, so there must be alot of video out there. All this footage deserves a dedicated amateur, user submission site, with a daily video on the main page. Maybe they're already easy enough to find on the web, but I think every non-parent should see a delivery at least once, so why not a dedicated site.
miggavin, Mar 19 2006

birth videos http://video.search...TF-8&fr=sfp&p=birth
[JesusHChrist, Mar 19 2006]

Helga und Michael (1968) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0175715/
Very memorable opening scene. [reensure, Mar 20 2006]

The battle for "I am Curious (Yellow) (1967)" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0459077/
I don't know which came first, "Helga" or this one. [reensure, Mar 20 2006]

Helga - Vom Werden des menschlichen Lebens (1967) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0157743/
... scenes never before shown... from the actual moment of conception to the birth of the baby. [reensure, Mar 20 2006]

Ebaum's World... http://www.ebaumsworldsucks.com/
... and the reason you shouldn't go there. Very poorly related, but he mentioned it. [ghillie, Mar 22 2006]


       <link> This was a touchy subject years ago; when played on opposite weekends from "The Ten Commandments".
reensure, Mar 19 2006

       I think the potential for abuse is too high - for every earnest young man/woman seeing a birth for the first time, there'll be a twisted pervert getting off on the footage, and before you know it there'll be a whole other pornography market opened (if it isn't there already).
Mr Phase, Mar 19 2006

       Twisted perverts probably get off to shoe sales sites. Not that I would know anything about that.   

       This is an interesting concept, and birth videos probably have more interest than run of the mill home movies. There is no question birth is important, and no question that many many people are totally ignorant of what it entails.
bungston, Mar 19 2006

       I'd thought about taking a video camera into the delivery room when my son was born, but apparently there aren't many hospitals that will allow this. Supposedly it has to do with liability - they don't want you taking the footage to a lawyer who can find some reason to sue them... The wife ended up needing a C-section and that's not something I'd care to watch again. I did use my digital camera to take a 20-second silent low-res "movie" when they had finished extracting my boy and had him wiped off, though. Bet they didn't see that coming!
Navy_Guns, Mar 20 2006

       Not sure about daily, but i'm sure there's plenty of it on youtube or something
w0lfman, Mar 20 2006

       if you search for birth on youtube, you get a ton of unrelated videos, and the delivery videos are moslty post birth montages. On the first link, there are quite a few delivery room videos, and some c-sections, so maybe the policy is new, or not at every hospital.
miggavin, Mar 21 2006

       Doesn't every kid have to watch one in middle school where you are all from? I know I did...
Laimak, Mar 21 2006

       I think that watching a live birth gives you a different perspective on gratuitous sexual activity. Rather than women being displayed as objects for cheap thrills and entertainment as a porn video would have you believe, you begin to understand that a woman has a purpose greater than that. Seeing a live birth tends to give meaning to having sex and being in monogomous meaningful relationships.   

       Sure, there are some wierdos who will get off on this but there will never be a market in the porn sector for the live birth. Pregnant woman porn is about where it ends.. and as said earlier by others.. I wouldn't know anything about that first hand.
Jscotty, Mar 21 2006

       If girls saw a real birth before experiencing it themselves, surely none of them would go through with it? When my other half was pregnant she was intrigued by the answers other mothers would give to the question "Does it hurt?". They usually changed the subject quickly to how cute babies are.   

       After some reflection, [+]
wagster, Mar 22 2006

       My little sister's birth: I came. I saw. I left.   

       The two brothers that came after were born without my presence as well. In fact, when my dad came into my room at 4 AM to inform me of Jeremy's entry into the crazy, mixed-up world of ours, I said..."Good, bring 'im in here so I can see him." I was 8.   

       That's not to say I can't appreciate the miracle of birth. Far from it. I just prefer to appreciate it from afar. The screaming gets to me.
Eugene, Mar 23 2006

       // If they want to go out with their friends, let them, but it doesn't change the nighttime schedule// And they have to pay someone £30 to stay home in their place.
wagster, Mar 23 2006

       I was allowed to take a video/photo's of both of my wives C-sections. Of course, they sat me at the head end, with appropriate view blocking, lest I threw up everywhere.   

       I was alarmed at how much they had to pull and tug to get the little buggers out.
Ling, Mar 24 2006

       Ling - no kidding about the pull & tug part... I thought the assisting nurse was using WWF wrestling moves on my wife's split-open belly! And then the doc had to clamp a big suction cup on the kid's beaner to pull him out! Definitely no porn action there.
Navy_Guns, Mar 24 2006


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