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Every month or so, randomly select a user and feature his/her ideas in a separate category on the homepage.
paraffin power, Mar 30 2005


       No. This site is about ideas, not personalities.
calum, Mar 30 2005

       Well, I'm on your side there [calum], but you try tellin' that t' the young folk 'o today....
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 30 2005

       Baker of the Month (insert smiling picture of FarmerJohn)
k_sra, Mar 30 2005

       And rename to MacHalfbakery
Ling, Mar 30 2005

       someone must have done the naked HB charity calendar by now?
theircompetitor, Mar 30 2005

       Yes, back in 2001. They're all sold out.
bristolz, Mar 30 2005


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