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begging bowl

i have never had a croissant
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been here weeks mister and not so much as a dime let alone a croissant - won't someone give a croissant please????
po, Sep 04 2001


       wibni = fishbone   

       Change the subtitle to "Will bake for biscuit" and I'll reconsider.
phoenix, Sep 04 2001

       I won`t, you beggar
March Hare, Sep 04 2001

       Weeks? Mere weeks, you say? Why some of us had to wait *months* for our first croissant! And then it was tagged as BAKED by PeterSealy (he's got his own robot, y'know) as soon as we had a score higher than the average temperature at Scott Base, Antarctica! Ooooh, we had it tough when we was young halfbakers, yes we did. Propose something snappy, like Happy Panties or Antigravity Beer, and p'raps a pastry will come your way, me lad.
Dog Ed, Sep 05 2001

       I recommend you try being more surreal whilst still looking for a need.   

       For example I imagined that this idea might be about a begging bowl that automatically hides collected loose change above a pre-set value, therefore encouraging more further donations.
Aristotle, Sep 05 2001

       Maybe we ought to attend linear thinking workshops ...
Aristotle, Sep 05 2001


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