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Halfbaker Homeswap

Move house for a bit.
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Clearing house for bakers who want a holiday. Offer your house (I'm in London) for a couple of weeks in the summer and see if anyone from somewhere nice would like to swap with you. You live in Canada? Sure, why not? The States? Haven't been there for a long time. Oz? Of course.

Post details and photos of your offer on the site and others can contact you after they have posted their details as well.

Note: Please don't email me asking for a swap. The co-owner of my house will go bananas.

wagster, May 12 2005


       My "house" has a reclining front seat (as long as you don't mind the seat belt anchor digging into your hip all night)...any takers for a swap?
Klaatu, May 13 2005

       I carry my house around on my back. Like a turtle or snail.
Machiavelli, May 13 2005

       Home swapping is hardly new, even for Halfbakers, but given your problem, how about roommate swapping?
DrCurry, May 13 2005

       England's one of those ones you CAN take cocaine into, right?
Detly, May 13 2005

       Let's not leave out wife-swapping.......I'll be getting married this fall, so I'll declare my eligibility once the banns are posted.
normzone, May 13 2005

       Detley, yeah just make sure you declare it at Customs.
po, May 13 2005

       If by "declare it at customs" you mean "stuff it inside an unlubricated condom tie a string to the end and swallow it" then, yeah, for sure.
daseva, May 13 2005

       I thought this said "houseswat" - where a giant fly swatter would descend and splat your house into a pancake. I often swap houses - it's possible to find great deals - email me if you want some details and also see my recent "pragueladyte" idea +
xenzag, Nov 10 2005


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