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Federal I.D. Number

Federal I.D. Number to eliminate all other numbers.
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A system should be developed to eliminate addresses and phone numbers. Addresses and phone numbers would be replaced by a series of numbers and letters. For example: D-9TU34Q6. The prefix would identify the sector in which you lived. The U.S. would be divided into 26 secors based on population, each sector would be allocated 15,000,000 codes. This system would be pretty cool.
DrD525, Jan 13 2003


snarfyguy, Jan 13 2003

       <Number 6>I'm not a number, I'm a man.</N6>
RayfordSteele, Jan 13 2003

       Shades of Big Brother. The advantage to mutliple bits of information is that they can't (shouldn't) all manage to get screwed up at once.   

       I'm sorry, we have no record of a D=9TU34Q6. NEXT!
rbl, Jan 13 2003

       we would all go crazy and kill each other then ourselves with that sort of regulation
subkat, Jan 14 2003

       Read John Muir's The Velvet Monkey Wrench
phi_16, Jan 14 2003

thumbwax, Jan 14 2003

       "almost" fully baked in the UK. Postcodes generally relate to on average 10 - 100 'delivery points' also known as houses. the vast majority of postcodes do not cover more than one street. so if i lived, for example at 27 north road, london, N1 1AA, and just wrote 27 N1 1AA on an envelope, there is a very very high chance it will be delivered (adding the name to this almost guarantees its correct delivery). The exceptions to this rule are a) houses with names not numbers b) postcodes covering more than 1 street, as happens when you have a small village with say 5 'streets' each with 6 houses on. this is a very small % of postcodes. regarding the delivery of pizza, lots of companies in east london ask for the postcode, then ask for the number in precisely this way. it works...
posrcode_ottery, Jan 14 2003

       Is that a: o or 0 ? z or 2 ?
popbottle, Apr 15 2014

       [DrD525 ] established an account, probably on or about Jan 13 2003. That account was lost in the crash of 10/4/2004. He had posted this idea, and never posted any other ideas or annotations.   

       He does have a presence on Youtube as of three years ago.
normzone, Apr 16 2014


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