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Second social security number

For public use
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There is demand to use the social security number as a personal ID code - on, for example, license plates. Identity theft troubles make this more and more risky. I propose that there be a second SS# for public use. This number would also serve as your lifelong cell phone number and email address. This is similar to [Monkfish]'s idea, linked, but less problematic as his Own Zip Code must correspond to a varying physical location. The Public SS corresponds only to the person.
bungston, Aug 18 2005

My Own Postal Code My_20Own_20Postal_20Code
[bungston, Aug 18 2005]


       You already have a government-isssued driver's license number which is a unique personal identifier verified by a valid birth ceritificate , proof of residency, and a photograph. Alternatively, you might also have a numbered government-issued passport. Either of these documents should be adequate for most purposes not related to the actual disbursement and receipt of Social Security funds. In most instances, either document should be superior.   

       But, even if you were to accept the universality of a driver's license number as the perfect secondary personal ID, I would still argue against its use as a plate number, a cell phone number, or an email address, because none of these uses are secure to the individual user. There may be a variety of persons (with or without your express permission) who have access to your vehicle, your telephone, or your computer.
jurist, Aug 18 2005

       Universal ID? Bad.   

       Public Universal ID? Outrageously bad.
sophocles, Aug 18 2005


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