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sign of the tides

Sign that stays in a set perpenduiclar beach position but alters with waters edge.
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Watching an episode of Bondi Rescue, it was proved people didn't read the signs.It occured to me that the rip signage was too far up beach. The rip signage should be at the changing waters edge or a small distance in the water.

I propose a heavy bouyant base that lifts with minimal tide but because of keel, micro-electronics, GPS and thrusters, stays in the set position on the beach.

Surf life savers have to be fit so running the extension cords would be both a chore and a training.

wjt, Jan 11 2022


       Yeah, that experiment was interesting. Took nearly a week for anyone to notice!
Probably easiest to have the sign on tracks (caterpillar-, not train-) & a moisture sensor on the front.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 11 2022


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