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Feedback Voting

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We should allow people to not only vote on voting day, but to also give their feedback about the state of Australia and how they think a particular political party can improve anonymously.

The comments will be randomly scrambled, to avoid identification of a particular voter, and submitted to a 'bash.org' like website. Where people can then 'tag' each opinion for type of content e.g. "anti-censorship", "environment".

You can either browse the individual anonymous comments in the site, or you can download a text dump of the feedback for a particular voting day, and analysis it's content. (perhaps Google may use it vast resources to allow people to count the number of post of irate voters, vs content voters.)

Of course there would be mountains of data, and its unlikely one person will be heard individually. But considering our modern data mining capability, we are more than capable of picking out treads from the feedback (via scanning keywords and etc).

mofosyne, Mar 26 2010


       How would it be determined who's comment's would be first posted? I believe that they make a difference, larger than any other post, but how about polling instead?
twitch, Mar 26 2010

       the only problem with providing a 'polling survey' at the same time as normal voting, is that the people writing the choices may not cover though every problems a voter may want to cover though.   

       Although it is a potential choice, to have a vote dedicated to surveying 'customer satisfaction' of the voting population. Who know maybe this sparks another half bakery idea. Good point.   

       Still, I think this idea has some validity, as it would allow the full expression of a citizen's opinion anonymously.   

       As for which comment be first posted into the website, its totally random with each message given a hash. It is like bash.org . Though there is a possibility you can allow for people to 'tag' each opinion, e.g. "anti-censorship", "environment".
mofosyne, Mar 27 2010

       oh and maybe, you can have a digg like system, where people upvote random comments they find as most interesting?   

       and maybe perhaps the first 100 comments is printed out and published?
mofosyne, Jun 24 2010

       just looked at bash.org..WTF?? just seems to be quotes from peoples msn conversations
simonj, Jun 24 2010

       irc iirc
FlyingToaster, Jun 24 2010


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