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Cocained Makeup Compact

Makeup Sized Wafers
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Perfect way to use and abuse cocaine and not get caught.

Replace the colored makeup wafers in a mirrored makeup compact with Colored Cocaine Makeup Sized Wafers

Also users of the makeup who do not realize that the makeup material is cocaine will be rapidly addicted to cocaine makeup thus fostering sales.

vfrackis, May 28 2009


       ...the mirror is a dead giveaway.
why would someone want to numb their face, I don't think one can get addicted to it that way. Not a good idea [-] sorry.
xandram, May 28 2009

       heheh, sneaky but I'm not gonna bun it for obvious reasons [ ]
FlyingToaster, May 28 2009

       Terrible idea. You haven't described how you're going to color the wafer, press the wafer, and no mention of how you're going to go from pressed wafer to snortable powder. Not to mention the whole 'what's that girl doing sniffing the hell out of her makeup' scenario. Also, how are men going to get high? Tsk tsk.
daseva, May 28 2009

       I thought to use food coloring or some kind of natural pigment to colorize and solidify the cocaine powder.   

       Why does the process of wafer formation need explanation? Prior Art... How exactly would you manufacture a floating ashtray?   

       How do you form cocaine into a traditional brick? I guess it would be mixed with a pigment in a water solution screened through some kind of mold and then made to dry up.   

       Also women would use this product in the powder room.   

       They would need an applicator that has a discreet straight edge to scrape up a sufficient amount of material to snort off of the mirror if that is their preferred method.   

       Otherwise I suspect that a foam puff end could be used to apply the cocaine makeup as you would normally apply traditional makeup.   

       Additionally It is just my suspicion that you can absorb cocaine through your skin maybe you cannot.
vfrackis, May 29 2009

       I don't know, maybe some will be adsorbed? I just thought I'd give it some attention. Discrete drug paraphernalia is somewhat entertaining. As to your keen references, I suppose you would attach something floatable to it.
daseva, May 29 2009


       as a side note i like the idea of doing things in a pool that are not usual. products that make it easy to smoke in the water are all good.
vfrackis, May 29 2009

       How is this superior than the tried-and-true nasal inhaler (Afrin bottle, etc.) as a discreet atomizing delivery device? (Okay, maybe I've seen too many movies...)
Speed Razor, May 30 2009


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