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Feet Driers and Sock Dispensers

driers feet, and dispenses socks
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Toilets, or restrooms as they are strangely called in at least one of the colonies, allow you to wash and dry your hands, but no such service is available for the feet.

Feet driers would enable those who's feet were soaked, for whatever reason, to dry them off then put on a fresh pair of socks, the latter being obtained from a coin operated dispenser. (in three basic sizes)

Dyson Foot Blades would be my suggestion for the actual device.

xenzag, Aug 28 2011

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       //three basic sizes// left foot, right foot, and...
FlyingToaster, Aug 28 2011

       This does not address the issue of having to put clean, dry feet and socks into footwear that is still wet and/or dirt.
8th of 7, Aug 28 2011

       //for whatever reason//   

       If it was for the obvious reason, then you'll need foot sinks, as well as foot driers.
mouseposture, Aug 28 2011

       Is that not what those bowls are for in the cubicles?
xenzag, Aug 28 2011

       There is indeed at least one foot-washing station in a bathroom at my school, in a stall that would otherwise contain a toilet. (At least one in the men's rooms, that is—I assume there's at least one in the women's too. There's also at least one gender-neutral bathroom on campus now, but I haven't been in, so I don't know if it has one.)
notexactly, Mar 12 2019

       // Toilets, or restrooms as they are strangely called in at least one of the colonies, all allow you to wash and dry your hands //   

       I cannot recall ever washing my hands, feet or indeed anything at all in a toilet. Sounds rather unsanitary.
whatrock, Mar 12 2019

       ......that's what the soap and hot water are for - ha.
xenzag, Mar 12 2019

       Can feet also be provided, for those who are missing them?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2019


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