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Nice Clean Public Toilet Seat

Better than going down automaticly...
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..it comes up automatically. Never trust a gents' toilet seat that's already down. It's likely someone will have tried, and failed, to aim through it. If the seat lifts to an upright position when not held down by someone's bottom, then it'll not show the scars of failed target practice.

Of course, it should be dampened. You don't want it trying to climb inside you while you're trying to wipe your aarghs!

seanbo, Jul 20 2009


       I'm not sure about the need to keep it damp though ...
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 26 2009

       There's an idea floating around here somewhere (or there used to be) where a ha'baker wanted to use the least most recently used toilet and I posited a similar solution. Mine waited a bit before raising the seat and included a mechanical counter.
phoenix, Jul 26 2009


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