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low pH bathroom faucet water

Low pH yet mild water is a mild antibacterial. Low pH water can be produced with electrolysis, so faucets could be electrified to produce water that is say, 10x better at being antibacterial
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The talk of being conservative with antibacterials at bathroom handwashing made me think, well, wouldn't that objection go with regular soap? So pH modified faucet water is even milder than soap, yet antibacterial. Sanitation has saved lots of lives so this could be a mild extension of that.
beanangel, Dec 17 2016

A ph map oF usa http://www.water-so...ers_work/pH_Map.gif
Will New York or California want it more ? [popbottle, Dec 17 2016]

Like a seal in water http://www.who.int/...y_2014_web.pdf?ua=1
Viruses,seals, oh my! [4and20, Dec 18 2016]


       How low are we talking here? Battery acid?
mitxela, Dec 17 2016

       [beanaangel] Can't you live with your microbial husbandry or are you predicting a coming event? Where do you work? Not a lab, I hope.
wjt, Dec 17 2016

       Great idea, although it's possible that regular washing with very low pH water might not be suitable for people with sensitive skin - or any skin, in fact
hippo, Dec 18 2016

       Vinegar is indeed an effective biocide, but it doesn't kill all bacteria and viruses ... chlorine is much better at that.
8th of 7, Dec 18 2016

       What is “faucet water”? Well, I know what water is, and I know who Farrah Fawcett was, but what type of water is that?
Ian Tindale, Dec 18 2016

       Tap water, [IT]. He only speaks a form of american (pidgin) English ... more deserving of pity than condemnation...
8th of 7, Dec 18 2016

       // very low pH water might not be suitable for people with sensitive skin - or any skin//   

       A quick search verifies that an electric gradient can create a temporary pH gradient so if you arrange electrodes into a kind of filter, all the water will go through a gradient and return to normal pH once exiting the filter. If the water isn't conductive enough, a circuit could regulate voltage. The DARPA article I found though wasn't clear on the amount of bubbling generated so the antibacterial properties could have the side effect of making tap water flammable.   

       All that said, you might as well blast the water with UV.
bigsleep, Dec 18 2016

       I recently visited quite a large city in eastern Europe, which built its old town 200 metres from the foot of their large and active hilltop cemetery. With EU funds (150 million euro plus), they recently had to update their public water system, but I still contend, like the Romans, who had a law against it, that you don't mix cemetries on hills and city centres.   

       The little link shows a WHO test procedure for testing elimination efficacy re viruses which get through pipe seals. Turns out that anything less than 99% is unacceptable, which is like saying that eating raw chlorine is delicious.
4and20, Dec 18 2016

       // the side effect of making tap water flammable //   

       <Collective sniggering>
8th of 7, Dec 18 2016

       [+] although somehow the idea of electrified faucets sounds like a not so good idea.
pashute, Dec 20 2016


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