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Feet Leeches

Give the essence of the gift with spring powered vacuum socks.
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The gift package is opened to reveal what appears to be a pair of rolled up socks. You try to hide your disappointment as one of the folded tubesocks is removed from the unwrapped clear plastic container as you are urged to try them on. On closer inspection these are not typical socks. They have a slippery texture and an unusually heavy weight. One end of the sock is tightly cinched closed and the other is wide open awaiting the insertion of wiggling toes.

Grasping one sock by the opening, you push your foot inside. As you do so the tight seal inside the sock is broken, and the negative pressure inside equalizes to the outside. The internal spring, no longer held compressed, inflates and elongates the tube as your foot is instantly gobbled up. You shriek in surprise as onlookers laugh as they indulge in the sight.

rcarty, Dec 15 2012

Wikipedia: Ouroboros http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouroboros
[rcarty, Dec 16 2012]

Wikipedia: Marcel Mauss http://en.wikipedia...iki/The_Gift_(book)
The Gift [rcarty, Dec 16 2012]


       The 'e' looks like ouroboros.
rcarty, Dec 16 2012

       I'll take a baker's dozen to start. Will your Research & Development Department be looking into applying this technology to condoms? No matter! A bun for you, my fine fellow! [+]
Grogster, Dec 16 2012

       I thought this might be a method of getting leeches to munch away on the dead skin.... but just as good. Here's one for the toaster [+]
xenzag, Dec 16 2012

       And there it is thanks to xenzag.
rcarty, Dec 16 2012

       + haha so the opposite of the snake in a can trick!!
xandram, Dec 17 2012

       I had to think about that, but after I drew both things I see that the snake in the can springs away and out of an object, and this idea springs around and towards an object, so opposite is right.
rcarty, Dec 17 2012


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