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Feldenkrais head quadcopter hat

Helps you keep your head above troubles
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After a Feldenkrais session which left me painless, I was asked to walk around. The instructor then held me by the sides of my head and asked to walk again. It was like effortlessly walking on air.


a quadcopter hat with a strap that helps you sit and walk straight. When your tired of it, you can always send your daughter's phone with it upstairs when she asks for it.

pashute, Oct 13 2015


       I believe I am in need of more information. Holding bun close to heart...waiting with hope.
blissmiss, Oct 13 2015

       It's a method for teaching proprioception, based on apparently sound physiology and neurology.   

       I'm not sure the drone would be as effective as human hands, but [+] for halfing a go at it.
absterge, Oct 15 2015

       I see. Automatic bun donated because [absterge] always knows a good idea when they see it.
blissmiss, Oct 16 2015

       "They", dear? I am, as near I can tell, singular. Married, yes, but an identifiable unit, discreet from other similarly identifiable units.   

       Your credit means quite a bit to me, thank you.
absterge, Oct 17 2015

       I was not certain of your gender so I went down the middle.
blissmiss, Oct 17 2015

       Wow! In truth, I do take that to be something of the highest sort of compliment! I happen to be male of my species, but of my alternate random blatherings and restrained silences to not expose plainly such a fundamental premise - I'm actually not sure if that's a good thing, but it must mean something when so diligent a baker as yourself can hardly tell. What that something is remains debatable.
absterge, Oct 17 2015

       We should have a game of "pin the gender on the baker" to see who thinks whom is what.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2015


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