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Four-Leaf Clover Helicopter

Fueled by Whiskey and Beer
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"God created alcohol to keep the Irish from conquering the world"---quote from a local Irish Public House

Every year for the past three years I am involved in my local St. Patrick's Day Parade. Each year I cannot find parking anywhere near the parade route which led me to thinking of a means of alternate transportation.

A grand entrance on a Four-Leaf Clover Helicopter with its four blades being clover leaf shaped and its fuselage looking like a bagpipe would stun the crowd or at least blow a few more inebriated onlookers over. Four Claymore swords, while Scottish, would consist of the tail rotor.

MrDaliLlama, Mar 05 2005

Not necessarily http://photos.halloween-nyc.com/
[FlyingToaster]//"fear of uniformity" would tend to make most parades an unpleasant experience for sufferers of same.// [mouseposture, Mar 12 2010]


       mmmm.. engineers should look this one over...if they've overlooked it before...
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 05 2005

       "Roger that, deploying rabbits foot landing gear."   

       Most of them would only have three leaves, only the lucky pilots would get the four leaf helicopters
BPhilpotts, Mar 05 2005

       now that the Irish members of the halfbakery have lambasted the Americans for Irish theme bars and over use of Guiness beer ads, I can't enjoy a St. Patty's day parade ever again... (sigh) in fact I've even given up lying that I was half Irish,   

       but this is a great idea.
dentworth, Mar 05 2005

       //Fueled by Whiskey and Beer// and homophobia - bone.
xenzag, Mar 06 2009

       huh ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 06 2009

       still waiting for [xenzag] to sign in on "What Homophobia Means to Me". Granted, a "fear of uniformity" would tend to make most parades an unpleasant experience for sufferers of same.   

       Of course while we're waiting maybe the OP would like to make another guest appearance and explain what 4-leaf clovers have to do with St.Patrick's Day.
FlyingToaster, Mar 10 2010

       I can't help you with the four-leaf clover part, but I think I know the background for the homophobia accusation.   

       The South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, organizers of the annual Boston St. Patrick's Day parade, have refused to let the American Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Group of Boston ("GLIB") march in their parade. The groups involved went to court. The Massachusetts Supreme and local trial courts found in favor of GLIB, holding that the the march was a "public accommodation" and the only reason for excluding GLIB was because of the members' sexual orientation, in violation of Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws. The US Supreme court found in 1995 9:0 in favor of the parade organizers, ruling that it was their protected 1st-amendment right to not help promote a gay pride message they disagreed with, and that whole "public accommodation" thing - basically, equating a parade with a street corner - is a bunch of hooey.   

       Many people see the rejection of the gay Irish block as a homophobic taint on the parade, and wish that the politicians and cultural figures who usually walk in such things as a demonstration of drunken folksiness picked a more inclusive forum.
jutta, Mar 10 2010

       whiskey is for drinkin, power it with scotch since its whisky gone bad anyway. also you could drop haggis bundles on the crowd too!
Arcanus, Mar 11 2010

       Bagpipes, claymores, scotch, haggis... could we get back on topic here?
wagster, Mar 11 2010


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