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Fence Post Base

Plastic coated metal fence post auger 8 EA.
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Along with the machine to turn these FPB's into the ground, comes the rust & rot resistant Fence Post Base. A metal auger coated in tough plastic with an attachment to a rentable machine allows for quick installation of fence posts sure to outlast traditionally installed fence posts.
When you reach proper soil embedment, slip in the post and bolt it to the base and you are good to go for probably 50 years on your post. Furthermore, you no longer have to deal with a post hole digger, almost worthless shallow concrete pier, and the improper construction technique of embedding wood into concrete.
The rented auger drilling machine should be capable enough of setting the "FPB" into the ground at a near exact vertical position.
Zimmy, Sep 10 2003

For Zimmy http://www.theregis...ntent/28/17122.html
[custardlove, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Bang in fence post bases http://www.metpost.co.uk/
Already been done old boy. [Sir Jekyll Shave, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       All your fence post base are belong to us.
DeathNinja, Sep 10 2003

       Good idea. Can I use it for ice fishing too?
Shz, Sep 10 2003

       Please clarify. Is the auger a one time use, a new one for each post? Sounds a bit expensive. But I guess it makes taking them out easier too, so when I want to mave the fence in 15 years, I can just back it out.
oxen crossing, Sep 10 2003

       I have not read enough to understand the meaning of "all your ______ belong to us". I noticed that someone here used it over 2 years ago and am most curious as to where this comes from. If someone would be so kind.
Yes, one per post, but should last quite a long, long time.
Zimmy, Sep 10 2003

       My understanding is that "All your base are belong to us" was the phrase some bad video game displayed when you lost. This somehow generated a near cultish followng, but you can probably just google it up and read all about it.
oxen crossing, Sep 10 2003

       You stole that idea from the people who make drywall ancors, the ones that look like oversized screws. But it was a good idea to steal it. I'll give you a croissant if you give me a FPB to mount my mailbox.
kbecker, Sep 10 2003

       // You stole that idea from the people who make drywall ancors, the ones that look like oversized screws //   

       They stole the idea from the people who make screws, the ones that look like normal screws ;)
DeathNinja, Sep 11 2003

       [Sir Jekyll Shave]. I saw those in your link at Lowe's today. It made me chuckle to see them. A better Idea than I had, really.
Zimmy, Nov 01 2006


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