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Holly Barbed Wire

Deck the Walls with Barbs of Holly.
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On the off chance that you didn't notice, the Christmas season is rapidly approaching us. Soon there will be nary an undecked hall to be found.

But while you're setting up your Christmas tree and fairy lights, spare a thought for the companies and prisons that can't have bright or colourful things without ruining the serious and threatening nature of their security defences.

The razor sharp barbed wire holly solves this problem by allowing security measures to be festive without detracting from the imposing nature of the fence. Ideal for business security, prison walls, prison impounds, government installations or country borders. Sold in spools of variable length and berry count.

hidden truths, Nov 24 2005

My illustration attempt http://obfuscatedho...hotos/photo/2/1.JPG
Not the best illustration ever, but it's probably the best I've done yet. [hidden truths, Nov 24 2005]

defensive gardening is quite baked http://www.gloucest.../crimereduct/2.html
[po, Nov 24 2005]

Sleeping Beauty started the fashion. http://www.ivyjoy.c...sleepingbeauty.html
[po, Nov 24 2005]

Forget solitary confinement, just put them on tree trimming duty. http://images.googl...en%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 25 2005]


       Cute idea. Bun with a garnish of holly. +-o-+-o+-+
Adze, Nov 24 2005

       Sing along now!   

skinflaps, Nov 25 2005

       Nice idea. Christmas ideas are not technically allowed until 1st December, but I'm sure we'll let you off.   

       Would this be real Holly? or a modified razorwire that looks like holly?   

       In a similar vein, surely there is also an application for Brussels Sprouts within the Penal system?
Minimal, Nov 25 2005

       Dick Grayson: "Holly Barbed Wire Batman!"
zen_tom, Nov 25 2005

       I'm not sure I agree that those criminals deserve any holly. But the people in prisons and in neighboring coutries are not so bad.
sleeka, Nov 25 2005

       That was originally going to be my summary line [zen_tom].
And surely everyone could do with a little Christmas spirit [sleeka].
hidden truths, Nov 25 2005


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